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89 – This Particular Evening by Manuel Royal


We’re barhopping through history with the heppest cats in town. Jim Hodgson narrates. File under: Time Travel

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2019 Audio Verse Awards

Congratualtions to narrator Isaiah Plovnick for being selected as a winner in the “Best New Spoken Word” category at the 2019 Audio Verse Awards today. You can listen to his performance here:

On the tail end of his raw recording, after he had finished the story, he added “What the Hell did I just read?”  before signing off.  It was one of the strangest stories.

Curiosities #6


Curiosities #6 is out now in ebook and trade paperback formats. 13 unexpected stories of high adventure and fantasy set against the backdrop of World War II  by Anya Ow, DJ Tyrer, Mark Orr, Ron Wolfe, Dawn Vogel, JD Blackrose, Lewis Gershom, Andrew J. Lucas, Suzanne J. Willis, Marcas McClellan, Adrian Chamberlin, Sean Patrick Hazlett, and Mounia Lakehal Meribout.  See your recruiter today, or head on over to our store to get your copy.

2019 Eligibility Post

Tonight is Lussinacht, so we must finish our business for the year before the trolls are let loose in the world. For 2019, we published 2 zines (Curiosities #5 horror & #6 WW2 ) and will have released 17 podcast episodes. For SFWA and HWA purposes, this is considered a semi-professional market.

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Submission Window Opening


We will be reading your short story manuscripts 1-31 January 2020 for a general session. Please read the guidelines before submitting. Continue reading “Submission Window Opening”

88- Gentlemanly Horrors of Mine Alone by Donald J. Bingle


A haunted man tells the tragic story of an adventure abroad in Colorado mining country to his very British gentleman’s club. File under: Horror, Weird West.

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87 – Customer Service of the Priesthood of Thikra, Destroyer of Worlds and Creator of Light by Yasmine Fahmy


Even the most ancient of religions must adapt to survive. Elizabeth Chatsworth performs.

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86 – All She Needs by Madeleine Swann


Oh, she’s a horrible woman! But you will have to decide who the real monster is. Sarah Golding narrates. Rated R.

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85 – Doc Borden’s Hard-Luck Hoss by Julie Frost


A frontier doctor is befriended by a unicorn. Jim Hodgson narrates. You may need a hanky before this one is over.

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