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Interview with the Mail Room Boy

Gracious returns to Steph P. Bianchini at Earthian Hivemind for the kind interview (we wrote him four rejection letters, so when we say kind we really mean that) with Kevin, part of a series of interviews with Steph’s favorite speculative fiction podcasters. Thanks Steph!

Ep. 28 There Will Always Be Dragons by Benjamin Sperduto


Tonight, the Czar’s Army is having a bit of trouble with the local fauna while pressing eastward across Manchuria. Their only hope? A jaded, insubordinate corporal from the Caucasus. Author Benjamin Sperduto narrates his own work. Continue reading “Ep. 28 There Will Always Be Dragons by Benjamin Sperduto”

Ep. 27 – The Revivalist by Stephen S. Power & Ariadne by Jennifer R. Povey


Tonight, it’s a Mad Science Double Feature with two stories about strange inventions and the men who made them. Continue reading “Ep. 27 – The Revivalist by Stephen S. Power & Ariadne by Jennifer R. Povey”

Thank You Listeners

A couple of nice reviews from kind listeners out in the aether this week

First from Steph Bianchi over at EarthianHiveMind, who noted us as one of 5 SFF podcasts worth listening to. We’re very honored to be included.

Next from Lisa at Steampunk Way of Life who was most kind to highlight two of our stories from this year.

Thank you both!

While I’m here, we really need reviews on iTunes or whatever podcatcher you are listening on. It is the only way to break the rating algorithm. If you would, next time you are in the neighborhood, leave some stars and reviews for the show. It helps more than you know.

Ep. 26 Steam and Hot Air by Zach Bartlett


A farm boy tells us about the misadventures of the Professor that is renting out his father’s barn to create bombastic inventions. What could possibly go wrong? We recommend wearing goggles for safety. Continue reading “Ep. 26 Steam and Hot Air by Zach Bartlett”

Ep. 25 Dad’s Balloon by Andrew McCurdy


Summer is here, so let’s go up the country, all the way to to Nova Scotia for our story tonight, written and read by our own Andrew McCurdy. Continue reading “Ep. 25 Dad’s Balloon by Andrew McCurdy”

Christmas in July

If you were with us under the old format, you might remember that Christmas was kind of a Thing for us. Still is!

From now until the end of August will are soliciting for stories themed for the Winter Holiday season that are of interest to the steampunk/retrofuturist sub-genres. We will be doing a special show for our old home fans back in the city that never was, and we will be doing a couple of extra shows for December as well. Because our Osgoode is such a jolly old fellow.

Response time on Christmas stories will be slower than the usual, as we’ll make the picks at the end of August.

Also, if you have a Halloween story, you should send it in NOW. The production train is a slow and ponderous thing.

Thanks for listening, and submitting!

The Inevitable Patreon Push

Our Patreon page is live as of today. There is not much in the way of rewards there yet, and we’re wide open to suggestions. Our goal is simple: Get to where we can afford to pay pro rates for the stories we buy. It won’t happen overnight, but nothing worth doing ever does. Baby steps, and we’ll get there.


New Logo

New cover logo! This one is a keeper.


By the by… we’re loading the shows onto the server in mp3 and m4a formats. The download link and Soundcloud are the mp3 version. The RSS feed will direct to the m4a, which means if you are listening via iTunes or Apple Podcasts on your mobile device, you will see the episode cover art for that show. This is the only way we’ve been able to make the episode art persist (all the podcast creators complain about this, c’mon providers, let us show the art work!). If there are multiple stories, the artwork will change during the show. And if the story is about all paintings in the Louvre coming to life and committing mass terror, there could even be a slide show attached to help out those that didn’t take Art History as a freshman elective. But who would ever think of writing a story like that?

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