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A fiction anthology podcast featuring short stories in the retro/vintage 'punk' sub-genres, straddling science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

#66 – One Last Date at the Pitside by Sebastien Mantle


H.P. Lovecraft month concludes. There will be pie.  Wulf Moon narrates.


Author Sebastien Mantle is a Canadian-born fantasy and sci-fi fanatic with a penchant for the dark, twisted, and occasionally silly. When not working on a novel or churning out short stories, he reads anything from swords and sorcery to military history.

Narrator Wulf Moon feasted on fantasy as a child when he lived with his Chippewa grandmother. He begged stories from her every night—fireside tales that fired his imagination. If Moon had a time machine, those are the days he would go back to. Since he doesn’t have a time machine, he tells stories. Learn more at

Theme song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina

Osgoode’s Chorus: Dangerous Roulette by Kevin MacLeod/

Story music:

Long Note One by Kevin MacLeod/

Other music via Pond5


#65 – Bright and Falling, Like an Avenging Angel by Shane Halbach


An archeologist excavates a meteor crater that appeared during a Civil War battle, what could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot, because HP Lovecraft month continues.  CB Droege narrates.

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#64 – The Rat and the Frog by Emma Whitehall


It’s Lovecraft month, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away the pretty dresses. Elizabeth Chatsworth narrates.

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#63 – The Thousand Injuries by Eric Cline


You think your in-laws have a few skeletons in the closet? This family has an entire catacomb. CB Droege narrates.

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Curiosities #3


Curiosities #3 is out now in most formats. The theme for this issue is travel and adventure with a steampunk flair, and since Jason Tiang’s fabulous cover art was too large for the cover, here it is here. You can see more of his work at

Purchase links can be found on the Store page. 

#62 – Dem Bones by Ann Stolinsky


An elderly mother attempts to reconstitute her son after retrieving his remains from Gettysburg, Pennsylvannia. Karen Bovenmyer narrates.

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#61 – The Questionable Redemption of Thomas Alva Edison by Evan Dicken & The Gettysburg Paradox by Joe Vasicek


It’s an alt-history double feature! Wulf Moon and CB Droege narrate.

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Ep. 60 – On The Path by Kelly A. Harmon


Work is so hard on the farm, especially when the spirit labor will not cooperate. Wulf Moon narrates.

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Submission Window Opening

goodLuck2We will be accepting manuscripts during the month of June. Due to travel commitments to places without cell service (yes, we still have them in the western  US deserts), the readers might not  start reading until June 4th.

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