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A fiction anthology podcast featuring short stories in the retro/vintage 'punk' sub-genres, straddling science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Day of the Dead


It’s Día de Muertos here in New Mexico… Second Halloween!

For one day and one day only, five curious stories will appear on our feed— voices long dead will speak through your earbuds. What will we hear? A cross country road trip in the less crowded world? Monsters dredged up by an oil rig? Poultry tissue experiments gone horribly wrong?  That awful rubber glove?

Be sure to refresh your feed today, for they will again vanish into the aethersphere on the morrow.


#70 – The Cheshire’s Grin by Irene Punti


Survivors of an apocalyptic war rebuild their world to a Roman Ideal, which includes being outnumbered by their genetically altered slaves. Wulf Moon narrates.

Content note for adult situations.


Author Irene Punti lives in Badalona (Catalonia) with her partner. Before that, she lived for a decade in Tarragona, the former capital of a Roman province and the city which inspired this story. Irene’s stories have appeared in Gaslandia: a Dieselpunk Anthology and the NonBinary Review, among others.

Narrator Wulf Moon feasted on fantasy as a child when he lived with his Chippewa grandmother. He begged stories from her every night—fireside tales that fired his imagination. If Moon had a time machine, those are the days he would go back to. Since he doesn’t have a time machine, he tells stories. Learn more at


Theme song: Ashes Ashes by DEVM
Funeral March of a Marionette by Eastern Wind Symphony/Musopen
Mourning Song by Kevin Macleod/Free Music Archive
Nothing (Bonus Track) by Kai Engel/Free Music Archive
Wastelands by Sergey Cheremisinov/Free Music Archive
Ice Chimes by Lee Rosevere/Free Music Archive
Pacific Garbage Patch by Kai Engle/Free Music Archive
Funeral March for Brass by Kevin MacLeod/Free Music Archive
Long Note Three by Kevin MacLeod/
Danse Macabre-No Violin by Kevin MacLeod/
Gustav Holst: Thaxed by Kevin MacLeod/Free Music Archive
Morbid Imagination by Kai Engel/Free Music Archive
Carnival of the Animals – XII. Fossils by Seattle Youth Symphony/Musopen

Thanks for submitting, writers! If you haven’t heard from us by the end of next week, your manuscript got lost in transit.

#69 – After Nightfall by David A. Riley


A rural town bars itself in every night. But why won’t they tell the tourists why? Vic Mullin narrates a scary story for the Halloween season.


Author David A. Riley writes horror, fantasy and SF stories. His first professionally published story was in the 11th Pan Book of Horror in 1970. He has had stories published by Doubleday, DAW, Corgi, Sphere, Roc, Playboy Paperbacks, Robinsons, etc., and in magazines such as Aboriginal Science Fiction, Dark Discoveries, Fear, Whispers, and Fantasy Tales.

Narrator Vic Mullin is a 40 something scotsman who is usually surrounded in a cloud of vapour from constant e-cig usage.  He is generally found spending time editing youtube videos or lazing around in New Babbage pretending to build something.

Theme song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina

Osgoode’s Chorus: Cheap Horror Fullmix Downtempo/

Almost in F, Long Note Two by Kevin MacLeod/

2018 Parsec Award Finalists

We are honored to be named a finalist in the 2018 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Short Story (Small Cast), along with Cast of Wonders, Podcastle,  and The Wicked Library.

The full list of this year’s finalists can be found on the Parsec Awards website.

#68 – Spirit in the Sky by Marlin Bressi


A pilot gets a strange phone call on a dark and stormy night. CB Droege narrates.

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#67 – Kutsenko’s Cage by William Burton McCormick


Two sisters take in a handsome lodger. But why does he have a cage? Maria Rose narrates.

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Submission Window Opening


Last chance of this year! We will be reading your anchro-retro-vintastic stories from the 1st to the 21st of October. On this go we will be looking for dieselpunk style stories to fill up Curiosities #4 (autumn),  vintage horror & dreadpunk to flesh out Curiosities #5 (late winter), and we will be looking for a Christmas or Winter Holiday story. This doesn’t exclude other styles, but understand that those may languish in the production pile longer if selected.

It would be splendid if you would read the guidelines. 

#66 – One Last Date at the Pitside by Sebastien Mantle


H.P. Lovecraft month concludes. There will be pie.  Wulf Moon narrates.

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#65 – Bright and Falling, Like an Avenging Angel by Shane Halbach


An archeologist excavates a meteor crater that appeared during a Civil War battle, what could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot, because HP Lovecraft month continues.  CB Droege narrates.

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