81 – The Book Burning by JD Blackrose

book fire

A librarian in German occupied Paris uses her special talents when faced with an order to burn her books. Gabrielle Riel narrates.


Author JD Blackrose loves all things storytelling and celebrates great writing by posting about it on her website, She has published The Soul Wars series and the Monster Hunter Mom series, both through Falstaff Books, as well as numerous short stories. No one knows how many of her family were killed because there are none left. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Narrator Gabrielle Riel is the General Director of Radio Riel (, an Internet radio station with seven audio streams that has been bringing music and audio dramas to audiophiles, bibliophiles, history-lovers, Jazz babies, Classical music enthusiasts, Steampunks and other assorted geeks since June 2007. You can hear the many ways in which the Nightingale sings at .


Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina

Metaphysik by Kevin MacLeod (

Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet by Kevin MacLeod (


80 – The One in the Night-Storm Dress by Andrea Martinez Corbin


A young woman makes her debut at Death’s masquerade ball. Alex Ford narrates. Rated YA-friendly.

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79 – Badlands Dentistry by Eddie Generous


A tale of weird horror from the badlands of western Canada. Possibly NSFW. Wilson Fowlie narrates.

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78 – East Wind in Carrall Street by Holly Schofield


A spring powered clockpunk adventure for all ages in Vancouver’s old Chinatown. Wulf Moon narrates.

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77 – Patron of the Arts by Tricia Owens


An unlucky man finds a very lamentable sketchbook. Alasdair Stuart narrates. Content note for disturbing material.

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