Short fiction for Retropunks

2021 Eligibilty Post

First English Language Publication (HWA pro, SFWA semi-pro)

Ola Al-Fateh “Within My Reach”
     Grimm & Fractured
     Gallery of Curiosities ep. 109

     (dark fantasy, short story)

Rachel Ayers “Changelings”
     Grimm & Fractured
     (dark fantasy, fairy tale, short story)

M.E. Bronstein “The Seventh Wife’s Confessions”
     Grimm & Fractured
     (dark fantasy, fairy tale, short story)

Jonathan Duckworth “Silvergloom”
     Curiosities 9
     (horror, historical fantasy, short story)

Louis Evans “The Ants, the Grasshoppers, the Locusts, and the Fungus”
     Grimm & Fractured
     Gallery of Curiosities ep. 106
     (SFF, humor, short story)

Austin Hackney “She Is Not Dead, Only Sleeping”
     Grimm & Fractured
     (SFF, steampunk, fairy tale, short story)

Diana A. Hart “A Dog’s Death”
      Curiosities 9
     (horror, military SFF, WW2, short story)

Liam Hogan “The Peculiarity of Two”
     Curiosities 9
     Gallery of Curiosities ep. 108
     (gothic horror, short story)

Gwen C. Katz “The Sandwoman”
     Grimm & Fractured
     (fantasy, steampunk, fairy tale, short story)

Dawn Lloyd “Does It Hurt?”
      Gallery of Curiosities ep.102
     (fantasy, humor, monkpunk, flash fiction)

Elaine Vilar Madruga “The Curse of the Thorn”
  Toshiya Kamei, translator
     Curiosities 9
     (dark fantasy, weird, fairy tale, short story)

Catherine McCarthy “Curio”
     Curiosities 9
     (gothic horror, short story)

Lena Ng “The Monstrous Metronome”
     Curiosities 9
     Gallery of Curiosities ep. 107
     (horror, weird, short story)

George Nikolopoulos “A Potion for Love”
     Grimm & Fractured
     (fantasy, flash fiction)

Marisca Pichette “The Revellers”
     Curiosities 9
     (horror, gothic, short story)

Mary SanGiovanni “Lovecraft’s Legacy of Cosmic Horror”
     Curiosities 9

Calie Voorhis “Poaching Oz”
     Grimm & Fractured
     (portal fantasy, fairy tale, short story)

Suzanne J. Willis “A Forest in City’s Clothes”
     Grimm & Fractured
     (urban fantasy, retropunk, fairy tale, short story)

Emilian Wojnowski “The Misguided Boy”
     Grimm & Fractured
     (fantasy, humor, fairy tale, short story)

Curiosities #9 out now

Curiosities #9 is out now in Kindle and paperback. Step inside for ten tales of horror and dark fantasy. You’ll never look at a mermaid the same way again. Download it now so the Yule Cat will find you reading on Christmas Eve and pass you by.

109 – Within My Reach by Ola Al-Fateh

All monsters are elusive, some more so than others. None of them, however, are secretive about their existence. Michael Whitehouse reads. #DarkFantasy


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108 – The Peculiarity of Two by Liam Hogan

A gothic meditation on one of your favorite monsters. Matt Dovey reads


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Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead – when voices long gone rise to speak again.

This year’s selections are the 1948 radio adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s The Horla, performed by the unwholesome Peter Lorre.

For the skiffy side of the house, we’ll have the Dimension X adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles from 1950.

Refresh your feed today to catch them, for on the morrow, these episodes will vanish back into the past.

107 – The Monstrous Metronome by Lena Ng

Happy Halloween! Would you sell your soul for one last chance at greatness? Kristin Holland of Nocturnal Transmissions podcast reads.


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