Short fiction for Retropunks

94 – Two Steps Forward by Holly Schofield


You may be shut in, but you can still dance! Wilson Fowlie narrates a diesel-era delight.

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Gallery Lockdown #1


While we wait for the virus curve to pass, we will be departing from our regular format to check in with Osgoode and the staff. Audio quality will vary.

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93 – Year of the Teacup Dragon by Suzanne J. Willis


A woman recalls her childhood during the London Blitz, and the strange pet who saved her. Bryony narrates an urban fantasy for all ages. Content note for wartime sound effects.

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92 – Six Coins by Liam Hogan


There’s nothing quite like the fresh bracing air of interesting times. Or the sea. Wulf Moon narrates a nautical adventure with a twist, while Osgoode shelters in place in the Zen Room.

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91 – Twilight of the Electric Shadows by Paul R Hardy


Things get weird in a shadow dimension populated by echoes of the film industry. Matt Dovey narrates. File under: Uncategorizable

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90 – Fixable by Sheliah Lindsey & Scent by Maria Haskins


It’s a mother of a double feature and we guarantee it won’t make you feel all warm and snuggly inside. No, not at all. Alex Ford and Maria Rose narrate. Rated Dark.

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