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"It's like Steampunk had a baby with Tales from the Crypt!" – Gary Buller

Ep. 54 – Honeyed Tongue by Deborah L. Davitt & Seeded by Susan Taitel


A most curious double feature to honor of the approaching holiday.  Richard Elen and Gabrielle Riel narrate.

Author Deborah L. Davitt was raised in Reno, Nevada, but received her MA in English from Penn State. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and son.  She’s known for her Edda-Earth novels, Rhysling-nominated poetry, and increasing number of short-story publications. For more about her work, please see

Narrator Richard Elen is a recording engineer, writer, and designer based in Cambridge, England. He is Technical Director of internet radio station Radio Riel, and co-host/editor of Designing Worlds, a weekly online TV show about design and designers in virtual environments. He also creates marketing materials for clients in the consumer and professional audio fields.

Author Susan Taitel grew up in Chicago. She now lives in Minnesota. She has not yet resigned herself to the winters but has been known to say “oh yeah, you betcha” unironically. Susan is a Viable Paradise graduate and has been published by She blogs at the imaginatively named

Narrator Gabrielle Riel is the General Director of Radio Riel (, an Internet radio station with seven audio streams that has been bringing music and audio dramas to audiophiles, bibliophiles, history-lovers, Jazz babies, Classical music enthusiasts, Steampunks and other assorted geeks since June 2007. You can hear the many ways in which the Nightingale sings at .

Theme song – Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina and is used by permission

Osgoode’s Chorus – Deadly Roulette by Kevin Macleod (Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution)

Simulation of Victorian Street 3 by Timbre/ Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Noncommercial

Egmont Overture (Beethoven) by Kevin MacLeod (Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution)

Beehive sounds by sound-idea/ (Attribution)

Music for Manatees by Kevin Macleod (Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution)

runtime 30:13



Ep. 53 – Dear George, Love Margaret by Amanda C. Davis


A story of love and invention told in a series of letters from a young wife whose husband has gone West. Continue reading “Ep. 53 – Dear George, Love Margaret by Amanda C. Davis”

Submission Window Opening


We will be accepting fiction submissions 1 through 28 February. Only a fortnight away.

Ep. 52 – The Titan’s Daughter by Evan Dicken & Shannon Rampe


We’re going to New Orleans. Ella Turenne narrates. Continue reading “Ep. 52 – The Titan’s Daughter by Evan Dicken & Shannon Rampe”

Six Questions For… Us

Andrew sat down with Jim Harrington of Six Questions For blog and answered six questions about how things look from the editor seats here at the Gallery. With a submission window opening next month, we thought you might like a look too.

Ep. 51 – A Man Named Time by Fredrick Obermeyer


A strange story of time and redemption to close out the year. Wilson Fowlie narrates. Continue reading “Ep. 51 – A Man Named Time by Fredrick Obermeyer”

2017 Christmas Broadcast from New Babbage


By old tradition, we warm up the aetheroscope and search for the band which is broadcasting from that hidden city-state, New Babbage.

Continue reading “2017 Christmas Broadcast from New Babbage”

Christmas Eve Extra – All Through The House by Joachim Heindermans


A Christmas Eve Special to help the little ones go to bed. Osgoode and Kevin narrate.

Continue reading “Christmas Eve Extra – All Through The House by Joachim Heindermans”

2017 Eligibility List

For the sake of record keeping, here is the fiction we aired or published this year. Continue reading “2017 Eligibility List”

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