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Ep. 38 – The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue by Dawn Vogel


Tonight, clever urchins solve a mystery in a greenhouse that is growing the most curious of flowers. With driving season is just around the corner, we’d thought it was time to publish some stories you can save for the next family roadtrip.

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Ep. 37 – Hypatia and her Sisters by Amy Griswold


Tonight, a steampunk tale of a scheming inventress and the mechanicals she made. This story was first published in the DAUGHTERS OF FRANKENSTEIN: LESBIAN MAD SCIENTISTS anthology in July 2015.

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Rejectomancy Revealed

A bit of insight for practitioners of rejectomancy, not from the content of your rejection letter, but by how long it took you to get it.

Since this was our first year reading, we compiled our thoughts at the end of it to try and find patterns and meaning. We strived to make a decision on each submission within 30 days, so here is how our idealized rejection timeline worked, in descending order of frequency:

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The State of Short Fiction on Coode Street

Had to pop in and post a link to a most excellent episode of the Coode Street Podcast, featuring a panel discussion with editors from Fantasy & Science Fiction, Asimov’s, Clarkesworld, and That’s a heavy line up! Lots of good info on where the market has been, where it’s going, and how it is changing. Take a listen.

Ep. 36 – P∃T Shop by Gary Buller


There exist strange things in the word… or is it just our own wistfulness? Tonight we visit a pet shop with a collection that rivals our own curious gallery.  Vic Mullin narrates.

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Ep. 35 – Wreck on the Highway by Jake Walters & River and Sea by Nathan Susnik


Osgoode is pleased to report that he has survived 2016 and celebrates with two new stories to close out the old year and start anew.

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Thanks for an Amazing Reboot Year!

It was about a year ago I was sitting in this chair listening to the Christmas Broadcast, thinking… this is the last show in this format. I’m going to rebrand this thing and get more serious about it… 

With that thought, and a firm belief in find a niche and fill it, we (Jed, Andrew, & Kevin) set out on an editorial adventure into unknown territory.  And we could not have done it without everyone else that came along. Continue reading “Thanks for an Amazing Reboot Year!”

Ep. 34 – An Evening at the Club, Told by Dr. Horatio Boyle by Kate Philbrick & If You Were a Dinah Shore, My Love by Lou Antonelli


It’s that week between Christmas and New Years, my favorite time of year. Time to tidy up lose ends, get a little silly, spend time with your social life, and head to the club to indulge. Continue reading “Ep. 34 – An Evening at the Club, Told by Dr. Horatio Boyle by Kate Philbrick & If You Were a Dinah Shore, My Love by Lou Antonelli”

The 2016 Christmas Broadcast from New Babbage


Once a year we go back to where we got our start for the traditional Christmas broadcast from a city that doesn’t exist except as smudges on disks in an unknown server farm.

Yeah, there was a script. It was going to be more produced. The girls were going to sing the song.  But 2016 being what it was, maybe simplicity was the better approach.


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