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103 – Mourning Medusa by Mark Orr

The Commander of a special occult objects retrieval unit recalls a lost love while on patrol in the Mediterranean during World War II. Jim Hodgson narrates.


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102 – Does It Hurt? by Dawn Lloyd

A bit of monkpunk to mark the passing of the solstice. Andrew McCurdy and Lou J. Berger read.


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101 – The Instant by Harris Coverley

A gentlemen’s evening of drinking and parlor games has disastrous consequences. Daren Callow narrates.


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Submission Window Opening

Ready to get your noire on? We will be open for occult detective stories 1-30 June, 2021. This is a themed session — detective style stories with strong speculative elements please.

Please read the guidelines before submitting.

“All Through the House” on Love Death + Robots

A huge, HUGE, tip of the hat to author Joachim Heijndermans, whose holiday creature feature “All Through the House” debuted on season 2 of the Netflix anthology series Love Death + Robots today. The staff is breaking out the champagne to watch, as this story also appeared in issue #1 of Curiosities way back in December 2017.

Congratulations Joachim!

If you’d like to see how the original version of the story played out, you can still pick up a copy of issue #1 for yourself here.

Curiosities #8 is here

One dozen odd, bizarre, and genre-defying stories to entertain and delight. Go on a roadtrip to a Lovecraftian hell-pit. Witness acrobats leaping into the void. Sail uncharted waters with the deadliest of crewmates. Explore a shadow dimension populated by echos of the film industry. Experience the Louvre in the throes of the cataclysmic Artpocalypse. Fear the clown. And yes, we have… a Zombie Gorilla!
From darkly humorous to Bizarro adjacent, these are the strangest stories ever to have landed in the Curiosities mailroom.

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