The Prince in the Darkness by Phil Margolies

A carnie, a Romanian, and a zombie ape. What could possibly go wrong? Kris Law reads.


Phil Margolies writes science fiction and fantasy, and dabbles in horror. His short fiction has appeared in Brave New Girls, The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror anthology, Perihelion SF, Abyss & Apex, and other publications. He’s on Twitter @philmargolies nearly as often as he is at home outside Washington, DC, with his wife, daughter, and skittish dogs.

Kris Law lives in Toronto and works as a voice actor, specializing in villainous types of all stripes. They live with their partner, and two cats which openly defy their supposed authority. They are best known for portraying the eldritch host of a weird fiction anthology podcast.

Leopold: Micheal Allen Rose

Circus Monkey by Alexander Nakarada

Silver Lake by Rafael Krux

Dramatic Cinematic Sadness by MusicLFiles

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