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December 2020

100 – The Horror of the Heights by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

We’ve finally reached 100 episodes! Here is the first episode we ever aired all the way back in 2010, which was first published in the November 1913 issue of The Strand magazine. Vic Mullin narrates the first story ever to feature the legendary air kraken.

Unfortunatley, the original story master file was not in a recoverable condition. The sound quality on the story is very 10 years ago.



Tick Tock Tick Tock Quarantine Time by WinnieTheMoog

Faster Does It by Kevin MacLeod

Story music by Kevin MacLeod (

Cover art: “Air Kraken over New Babbage” by Vic Mullin

2020 Eligibility Post

What a year, what a year. Here’s the author eligibility list for Curiosities in 2020. This is not considered a pro market by SFWA.

First English Publication (short story)

B. Morris Allen “Payback” in Curiosities #8 (dinosaur western)

AJ Brennan “Dorothea Defies Convention” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, gaslamp, fantasy)

Natasha C. Calder “The Death Trade” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, SFF, horror)

Harris Coverley “The Instant” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, horror)

Ian C. Douglas “Mary Shelley and the Saint Pancras Ghoul” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, horror)

Angela Enos “The Automat’s Automaton” in Curiosities #8 (weird, dieselpunk, bizarro-adjacent)

JL George “Shards” in Curiosities #7 (fantasy, horror)

Philip Brian Hall “A Rainy Day at St Bartholomew’s” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, SF, mystery)

Paul R Hardy “Twilight of the Electric Shadows” in Curiosities #8 (SFF, bizarro-adjacent)

Liam Hogan “Six Coins” in Curiosities #8 (fantasy, nautical SF, YA)

Gwen Katz “Seven Cups of Tea” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, SFF, fairy tale)

Sebastien Mantle “One Last Date at the Pitside” in Curiosities #8 (horror, humor)

Avra Margariti “The Acrobat’s Guide to Vanishing Without a Trace” in Curiosities #8 (fantasy)

Phil Margolies “The Prince in the Darkness” in Curiosities #8 (historical fantasy, dieselpunk)

Jason J. McCuiston “Euphonia” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, horror)

Tannar Miller “St. Marco” in Curiosities #8 (gasoline fantasy)

Lena Ng “The Finishing School” in Curiostities #8 (gaslamp, bizarro) **first publication by Rufo’s Dog in 2020

Konstantine Paradias “And The Faces Screamed In The Gallery” in Curiosities #8 (bizarro-adjacent, horror, superhero)

MM Schreier “Inked” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, gaslamp)

Priya Sridhar “The Taste of Storms” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, SFF)

Shaun van Rensburg “The Night Bazaar” in Curiosities #7 (fantasy)


CB Droege “Jack Be Nimble” in Curiosites #8 (steampunk, superhero)

Adam Gaylord “The There-It-Is Store” in Curiosities #7 (gaslamp, YA)

Chris Kuriata “Whaling With Clowns” in Curiosities #8 (bizarro, horror)

Jordan Taylor “The Mirror Crack’d” in Curiosities #7 (gaslamp fantasy)

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