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April 2019

Special Submission Session for WW2

pvtSnafuBecause you asked, we will be having a special fiction and graphics submission session for the World War II era — from the rise of Nazi Germany to troop homecoming — during the month of June. We will read previously rejected manuscripts during this session. Any manuscripts not “in era” will be automatically rejected without a read.

The stories from this era which have previously passed through the mailroom have a notably different vibe from the others. We thought it best to give them their own issue.

Please read the guidelines before sending manuscripts.

75 – Whaling with Clowns by Chris Kuriata


Of all the creatures of the sea, none is more deadly than the clown. Isaiah Plovnick narrates.

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Submission Window Opening


The mail room is open for the month of April. Please read the guidelines before sending in your manuscripts.

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