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December 2018

#73 – Lady With A Thousand Teeth by George Edwards Murray


War curfews force a traveling carnival to camp in small mining town, while the world outside changes forever. Rated R for mild suggestive language and body horror.

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Curiosities #4


Curiosities #4 has arrived! Ten tales from the age of Jazz and Diesel, with hard boiled detectives, fast talking time travelers, bakelite automatons, body hopping cultists, ambitious aviators, a Tesla powered metropolis, and the Fairy King himself in Weimar Berlin, from authors Manuel Royal, Eddie Generous, M.A. Smith, DJ Tyrer, Dimitra Nikolaidou, Marlin Bressi, Holly Schofield, Sebastien Mantle, Brian K. Lowe, and Jordan Taylor. 

Cover art is “Do Androids…?” by Goran Delic. Find more of his work at

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Curiosities is a thrice annual publication of short speculative fiction in the retropunk subgenres.


#72 – Barbed Wire Fence by Santiago Eximeno


Modified soldiers arrive at the front. Alasdair Stuart narrates. Content note for wartime horror.

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