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November 2018

2018 Eligibility Post

For the sake of record keeping, here is everything we have or will have published in print form by the end of the year. Thanks for another great year.  Continue reading “2018 Eligibility Post”

#71 Waterproof by Marcelina Vizcarra


You ever feel like the whole world is passing you by while you rot in that small town you had the misfortune to be born in? Well, maybe it is. Wilson Fowlie narrates.

download Continue reading “#71 Waterproof by Marcelina Vizcarra”

Day of the Dead


It’s Día de Muertos here in New Mexico… Second Halloween! Continue reading “Day of the Dead”

#70 – The Cheshire’s Grin by Irene Punti


Survivors of an apocalyptic war rebuild their world to a Roman Ideal, which includes being outnumbered by their genetically altered slaves. Wulf Moon narrates.

Content note for adult situations.

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