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Thursday Nov 30, 2017

Hang on for a high flying ride over the rooftops Spire City. Lesa Whyte narrates a kid-friendly episode. 
A writer, runner, reader, parent, and teacher, Author Daniel Ausema has had short stories and poems published in many publications, including Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fiction, and Diabolical Plots. He is also the creator of the steampunk-fantasy trilogy Spire City, which shares a setting with this story. Daniel lives in Colorado, at the foot of the Rockies.
Narrator Lesa Whyte narrates stories, writes nonsense, coaches people, creates websites, sleeps well, counts words, bakes treats, consults oracles, excuses French, feeds cats, flips birds, hammers time, kicks buckets, eschews umbrellas, lists lists, cultivates ambiguity, games systems, sweats details, cries wolf, abuses verbs, carries on, and is generally embarrassing to know.
The Scout: Piper McCurdy
Mystery Awakens by Brett Van Donsel
Lomoto Perpetuo Loop, Plans in Motion, Crossing the Chasm, Journey of Solitude by Kevin MacLeod and are in the Public Domain
Some sound effects from
Theme song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina

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