Ep. 34 – An Evening at the Club, Told by Dr. Horatio Boyle by Kate Philbrick & If You Were a Dinah Shore, My Love by Lou Antonelli

It's that week between Christmas and New Years, my favorite time of year. Time to tidy up lose ends, get a little silly, spend time with your social life, and head to the club to indulge. Author Kate Philbrick writes horror historicals and creepy fantasies to amuse herself and friends. Scribblings of the strange variety have... Continue Reading →

What Did We Buy? (Pt. 2 )

Last time we looked at the demographics of what we bought. Now let's look at what the stories were about. This might be of particular interest to writers who are trying to break our algorithm.  Of the 44 we bought, here's how it broke down: It's easiest to break it down by era.   Contemporary... Continue Reading →

What Did We Buy? (Part 1)

There was a lot of talk at the cons I went to this year about gender equity and multiculturalism in steampunk, so I decided to keep some data on our reading season. This was our first ever reading season, so we went in with blank expectations, but high curiosity. The only thing I knew was... Continue Reading →

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