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A fiction anthology podcast featuring short stories in the retro/vintage 'punk' sub-genres, straddling science fiction, fantasy, and horror.


November 2016

Ep. 30 – Jack of All Trades by Dan Micklethwaite & I, Igor by Liam Hogan


200 years ago, four friends huddled around a fireplace and held a story telling contest to keep the cabin fever at bay. Tonight we have two stories inspired by that cold summer’s night.

Continue reading “Ep. 30 – Jack of All Trades by Dan Micklethwaite & I, Igor by Liam Hogan”


Your Favorite Characters

Today the slush pit crew is officially closing out the 2016 spreadsheet. We received 763 submissions, and we did keep some data tallies which will be shared here. Our favorite statistic was… who would be the most popular historical/fictional character to appear?

We predicted it was going to be Jack the Ripper, based on how often he has appearedĀ  in our steampunk book club selections. Were we right? Continue reading “Your Favorite Characters”

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