Ep. 26 Steam and Hot Air by Zach Bartlett

A farm boy tells us about the misadventures of the Professor who is renting out his father's barn to create bombastic inventions. What could possibly go wrong? We recommend wearing goggles for this one, there could be explosions. Tonight's author is Zach Bartlett. Mr Bartlett has been called the New Englandest man in New Orleans,... Continue Reading →

Ep. 25 Dad’s Balloon by Andrew McCurdy

Summer is here, so let's go up the country, all the way to to Nova Scotia for our story tonight, written and read by our own Andrew McCurdy. Andrew McCurdy has been reading and writing science fiction ever since he saw Charleton Heston kneeling in the surf, cursing the half-buried Statue of Liberty. He recently... Continue Reading →

Christmas in July

If you were with us under the old format, you might remember that Christmas was kind of a Thing for us. Still is! From now until the end of August will are soliciting for stories themed for the Winter Holiday season that are of interest to the steampunk/retrofuturist sub-genres. We will be doing a special... Continue Reading →

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