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April 2016

Ep.22 Last of the Spice Schooners by Philip Brian Hall


A plague ship enters the Pool of London 50 years overdue, the crew fallen victim to… what?  Vic Mullins narrates this nautical tale of horror. Continue reading “Ep.22 Last of the Spice Schooners by Philip Brian Hall”

What makes a story Steampunk?

What makes a ‘steampunk’ story steampunk?

I’m going to go with what Ben Bova said at his panel at Bubonicon in Albuquerque last year. He defined a science fiction story as one, in which, if you take the science out of the fiction, there’s no story.

The question has come up several times in the past months as our team of rookie slushers have pulled on the waders and gone into the fray. Quite to our surprise, we found that you could indeed glue gears onto a short story. Continue reading “What makes a story Steampunk?”

Episode 21: YOU-GO-BACK by Elise Forier Edie


Tonight, a watchmaker in New York City recalls his boyhood job at the famed American Museum, and the terrible day Mr. Barnum acquired a demon for the menagerie. This story was originally published in Strange Tales V. Continue reading “Episode 21: YOU-GO-BACK by Elise Forier Edie”

Episode 20: The Cathood of Maurice


One from the vintage archives tonight. Bookworm Hienrichs reads The Cat-hood of Maurice by Edith Nesbit, a children’s story from the December 1907 issue of The Strand Magazine. We found the original (ooh, illustrated!) on page 794 of Volume 34. While you are there, scroll to the back to marvel over the amazing vintage advertising. Continue reading “Episode 20: The Cathood of Maurice”

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