Curiosities 9 — Ten tales of horror and dark fantasy, each with the retro-vintage flair readers have come to appreciate from the Curiosities anthology series. Gothic ghosts, killer mermaids, questionable taxidermy, and more. Featuring a guest editorial on the roots of cosmic horror by the queen of cosmic horror herself, Mary SanGiovanni.

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12 odd, bizarre, and genre-defying stories to entertain and delight.Go on a roadtrip to a Lovecraftian hell-pit. Witness acrobats leaping into the void. Sail uncharted waters with the deadliest of crewmates. Explore a shadow dimension populated by echos of the film industry. Experience the Louvre in the throes of the cataclysmic Artpocalypse. Fear the clown. And yes, we have… a Zombie Gorilla!
From darkly humorous to Bizarro adjacent, these are the strangest stories ever to have landed in the Curiosities mailroom.

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#7 Spring 2020
13 stories of mysterious contraptions, deathly pets, genteel magicks, and, of course, tea, to ease the melancholy of Spring, by Natasha C. Calder, Philip Brian Hall, A.J. Brennan, Harris Coverley, JL George, MM Schreier, Gwen Katz, Priya Sridhar, Adam Gaylord, Ian C Douglas, Jordan Taylor, and Shaun van Rensburg.

Nonfiction: Gwen Katz interview

Each story provide with illustrative collages by Martini Discovolante.

Cover art by Tracy Whiteside.

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#6 World War II special edition
13 unexpected tales of high adventure and fantasy  from the invasion of Poland to troop homecoming by Anya Ow, Mark Orr, DJ Tyrer, Ron Wolfe, Dawn Vogel, JD Blackrose, Lewis Gershom, Andrew J. Lucas, Suzanne J. Willis, Marcas McClellan, Adrian Chamberlin, Sean Patrick Hazlett, and Mounia Lakehal Meribout.

Nonfiction: Anya Ow interview

Cover: Kevin Frost

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#5 Winter 2019
11 tales of dread and horror for the darkest months of the year.Fiction by Madeleine Swann, George Edwards Murray, Santiago Eximeno, Beston Barnett, Maria Haskins, Gary Buller, Irene Punti, Alexander Stanmyer, Andrea Martinez Corbin, Samantha Lee
Nonfiction: Madeleine Swann interview
Cover: Toe Keen

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#4 Autumn 2018
10 tales from the age of jazz and diesel.Fiction by Manuel Royal, Eddie Generous, M.A. Smith, DJ Tyrer, Holly Schofield, Marlin Bressi,  Dimitra Nikolaidou, Sebastien Mantle, Brian K. Lowe, Jordan Taylor
Nonfiction: Manuel Royal interview
Cover: Goran Delic

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#3 Summer 2018
8 stories of steampunk adventure to accompany your summer travels.Fiction by Emma Whitehall, Steven R Southard, Julie Frost, Donald J. Bingle, Marcelina Vizcarra, Yasmine Fahmy, William Burton McCormick, Wilkie Collins.
Nonfiction: Emma Whitehall interview
Cover: Justin Tiang
Interior Art: Fictograph

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#2 Spring 2018
10 lighter steam & silkpunk stories to welcome spring.Fiction by Kelly A. Harmon, Laura Duerr, Eric Cline, Julia K. Patt, Holly Schofield, Ann Stolinsky, Gavin Bradley, Gary Buller, Susan Taitel, and a 1905 story by Gelett Burgess which is quite possibly the uncredited source material for “Ghostbusters!”
Nonfiction: Kelly A. Harmon interview
Cover: Justin Tiang

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#1 Winter 2017
9 stories ranging from steampunk adventure to dreadful horrors.Fiction by Nelson Stanley, Shane Halbach, Tricia Owens, David M. Hoenig, Deborah L. Davitt, David A. Riley, Alexis Lantgen, Kate Heartfield, Joachim Heijndermans.
Cover: Travis Anderson

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