Can I be a reader?
Currently, we are not able to pay our readers, but know that if you are selected you will have the adoration of swooning women and upright gentlemen as they listen to the dulcet sound of your voice and fantasize about what you really look like. We are always looking for voices, but sometimes we are looking for a specific character voice to match with a story, which we will list at the top of this page.  Sound like your dram of arsenic?


How Do I Audition?
Record yourself reading a few paragraphs of something of your choice (but not rhyming poetry), preceded by 10 seconds of silence so we can listen to your environment and equipment.

If you are auditioning for a character voice, you could include some demos of that voice.

Don’t just talk, we need to hear you reading something, because your speaking voice is often not the same as your reading voice.

Send it as an MP3, M4A, WAV, or AIFF attachment to with VOICE DEMO: Your Name in the subject line. We cannot accept any other formats.


How Do I Make a Recording?
It’s not just your voice we are listening to, it’s your room and equipment too. We need a silence leader. Don’t try to ‘fix’ your sound after you record it as it could make your recording very difficult to work with later. We want a raw recording, and we’re willing to spend the time to engineer it.

Standing microphones work best, headsets or corded handheld microphones tend to pick up cord noise when you move. Audacity is a free app that makes it easy to record at home. The H-Zoom stand alone series and Blue Snowball USB connect are the most popular entry level microphones. If you have the Snowball with the -10dB switch, use it. It helps get rid of background noise. If you have really loud computer fans, consider a Zoom so you can turn things off or get into a car or a smaller room.


What might ruin my recording?
Fluorescent lights. CFL lightbulbs. Computer fans. Cathode ray tubes. Touching the microphone cord. Big rooms with hard floors. Flashing LED light on a USB headset adapter. Vintage electrical systems in old houses.


Fun Fact:
Ideal reading speed is 150 words per minute.


Can I use my Steampunk name?
You can use whatever name you want. We’re perfectly fine with that because some of us have Jobs and Bosses who Would Not Understand, so we know better than to use our real names online.


I made a goofy commercial for a bogus product with my friends. Will you play it?


I have more questions!