I’m always listening for new voices to match with stories.

Pay rate: $5 USD per 500 words, rounded up. Minimum $30, maximum $75. Max story length we run is 7500 words. Payment via PayPal or SL Lindens.

To audition, send a demo of you reading a few paragraphs of something of your choice that is not rhyming poetry. Put VOICE DEMO: Your Name in the subject bar of your email, attach your file as wav, aiff, or mp3, and send it to curiousgallery@gmail.com.  Please leave about 5 seconds of silence at the beginning or end of your recording for a noise sample.

Large file transfer – my favorite service WeTransfer. It’s free.

I prefer to work with raw recordings. Most of our narrators do not use studios. Experienced narrators – please turn off the compressor. It makes the noise harder to remove.

If you live on a street or near an airport, I recommend recording without headphones so you will know when to pause for passing motorcycles or airplanes. Those are the most difficult noises to remove as they tend to have a rising frequency.


Stories in search of Voices as of January 2019:

Female, natural British Isles, matronly “downstairs”  voice

Male, natural British Isles accents for longer works (over 5000 words)

Male, UK English (posh): “that blustery peer in the tweed and the hyphenated name, without irony.”

Male, “NYC Noire”

Male, “LA Noire”

Female,  2nd gen India diaspora (pref UK)