I’m always listening for new voices to match with stories.

Pay rate: $5 USD per 500 words, rounded up. Minimum $20, maximum $50. Max story length we run is 7500 words. Payment via PayPal or SL Lindens.

To audition, send a demo of you reading a few paragraphs of something of your choice that is not rhyming poetry. Put VOICE DEMO: Your Name in the subject bar of your email, attach your file as wav, aiff, or mp3, and send it to curiousgallery@gmail.com.  Please leave about 5 seconds of silence at the beginning or end of your recording for a noise sample.

I prefer to work with raw recordings so please don’t try to “fix” it with post production to make it sound better. Experienced narrators – please turn off the compressor. It makes the noise harder to remove.

If you live on a street or near an airport, I recommend recording without headphones so you will know when to pause for passing motorcycles or airplanes. Those are the most difficult noises to remove.


Stories in search of Voices as of August 2018:

Male familiar with European Spanish

Female, natural British Isles, matronly “downstairs”  voice (think uppity house-keeper)

Male, natural British Isles accents for longer works (over 5000 words)

Male, UK English (posh): “that blustery peer in the tweed and the hyphenated name, without irony.”

Male, “NYC Noire”

Male, “LA Noire”

Female, 2nd generation South Asian in UK