Kevin Frost

Lead editor of Curiosities, a retropunk fiction anthology zine. Avid fan of American roadside culture.

75 – Whaling with Clowns by Chris Kuriata


Of all the creatures of the sea, none is more deadly than the clown. Isaiah Plovnick narrates.

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Submission Window Opening


The mail room is open for the month of April. Please read the guidelines before sending in your manuscripts.

#74 – A Light in the Darkness by Gary Buller


We can’t leave Christmastide without a proper ghost story. Michael Whitehouse narrates.


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Curiosities #5


The winter horror issue is out now in paperback and electronic formats to keep you close to the stove during the waning days of winter. Continue reading “Curiosities #5”

#73 – Lady With A Thousand Teeth by George Edwards Murray

War curfews force a traveling carnival to camp in small mining town, while the world outside changes forever. Rated R for body horror and mild suggestive language.

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Curiosities #4


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