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Call for Cartoonists

We’re buying line art!

Inspired by  Inktober, we have decided that we need one panel comics and similar which speak to the retro-punker lifestyle.

$10 per piece. Paid via PayPal.

Art will be published in the thrice annual zine and Patreon feed only, and not on any freely available online resource.

Why? Because it’s cool! Because we don’t see enough of this stuff in print anymore.

Submit by sending to with the words LINE ART: Your Name in the subject bar.

Attach art as 300dpi jpg, gif, or png, no more than 3000px x 3000px. No more than three per email.

Open NOW and until we get more than we can deal with. Tell your artist friends.

HINT: We would need holiday related pieces NOW.


Ep. 45 – Common Magick by Jordan Taylor


The boarding school girls are learning magic. What could possibly go wrong? Maria Rose narrates.

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Ep. 44 – The Reanimation Emporium by Brain Rappatta


It’s a family affair. Vic Mullin narrates.

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Ep. 43 – Where Justice Ends, Vengeance Begins by David Boop


Saddle up! We’re going to Arizona Territory, back when the West was Weird. David Boop narrates his own work.

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Ep. 42 – Safe as Houses by Laura E. Price & The Automat’s Automaton by Angela Enos


Two stories of abandoned things to complete the summer. Sarah Heiner and Andrew McCurdy narrate.

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Submissions Window Opening

We’ll be taking submissions from September 1st to October 31st of this year. Please don’t submit outside of the window. It will go to the trash unread.

This time we will be offering 3c/word USD for original fiction, and 1c/word for reprints. Note also that we will be asking for nonexclusive anthology rights in addition to the nonexclusive audio and archiving rights we have asked for in the past.

Full information is on the submissions page, and do feel free to contact Kevin if you have further inquiries.

Ep. 41 – Urban Drift by Andrew Knighton


Tonight, it’s an art theft in a city unlike any you’ve ever been to. Vic Mullin narrates.

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Ep. 40 – Mechanical by Liam Hogan


Tonight, a young chess whiz is recruited to play a most curious role.  This story  was previously published by WItty Bard Publishing, in a Steampunk anthology, “Of Airships and Automatons”. 

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Ep. 39 – A Red One Cannot See by Barbara A. Barnett & The Swineherd by Diego Reymondez


Tonight, it’s a fabulous furry double feature.

Wait! Come back! It’s not what you think!

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