Curiosities is a fiction anthology zine featuring short stories in the retro “punk” sub-genres that straddle science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It comes out 2 or 3 times a year in ebook and trade paperback formats.

COVER ART – We’re looking for rights to existing works. $50 per piece. Please send link. Upcoming themes are Steampunk, World War 2, Horror/Dread, and Strange Collections (for the stories we bought which are too ‘out there’ to fit neatly into a category).

CLIP ART SETS – I’m a big fan of the sort of typography one sees in pre-WW2 children’s books and magazines. Ornaments, borders, frames, hand lettering, I can’t get enough of it. If I could get a unique set for each issue, that would be fantastic.

COMICS – This is something we’d like to have. Let’s talk.


Art will be published in the thrice annual zine and Patreon feed only, and not on any freely available online resource.

Submit by sending to with the words ART QUERY: Your Name in the subject bar.

Attach art as 300 dpi jpg, gif, or png, no larger than 3000px x 3000px. No more than ten per email.