Some Numbers

Behind-the-scenes numbers for 2020:

907 manuscripts were submitted

in the 69 days that we were open

by 634 authors and 1 translator.

27 manuscripts accepted (3%)

4 were successful revisions

3 were reprints

2 were translations

at least 1 was written where English was a second language, and possibly 2 others.

The most fortunate author was Gwen Katz, who submitted twice and was accepted twice.

The least fortunate author submitted 13 times.

We had 5 active readers in the slush pile— 3 Americans, 1 Canadian, and 1 from Spain.

The most commonly used characters were (in descending order) Death, The Devil, and Jack the Ripper. This has been very consistent over the years.

We published 25 stories and 2 author interviews in 2 issues.

We aired 13 stories in 12 podcast episodes.

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