Curiosities #8 is here

One dozen odd, bizarre, and genre-defying stories to entertain and delight. Go on a roadtrip to a Lovecraftian hell-pit. Witness acrobats leaping into the void. Sail uncharted waters with the deadliest of crewmates. Explore a shadow dimension populated by echos of the film industry. Experience the Louvre in the throes of the cataclysmic Artpocalypse. Fear... Continue Reading →

Some Numbers

Behind-the-scenes numbers for 2020: 907 manuscripts were submitted in the 69 days that we were open by 634 authors and 1 translator. 27 manuscripts accepted (3%) 4 were successful revisions 3 were reprints 2 were translations at least 1 was written where English was a second language, and possibly 2 others. The most fortunate author... Continue Reading →

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