2020 Eligibility Post

What a year, what a year. Here’s the author eligibility list for Curiosities in 2020. This is not considered a pro market by SFWA.

First English Publication (short story)

B. Morris Allen “Payback” in Curiosities #8 (dinosaur western)

AJ Brennan “Dorothea Defies Convention” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, gaslamp, fantasy)

Natasha C. Calder “The Death Trade” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, SFF, horror)

Harris Coverley “The Instant” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, horror)

Ian C. Douglas “Mary Shelley and the Saint Pancras Ghoul” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, horror)

Angela Enos “The Automat’s Automaton” in Curiosities #8 (weird, dieselpunk, bizarro-adjacent)

JL George “Shards” in Curiosities #7 (fantasy, horror)

Philip Brian Hall “A Rainy Day at St Bartholomew’s” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, SF, mystery)

Paul R Hardy “Twilight of the Electric Shadows” in Curiosities #8 (SFF, bizarro-adjacent)

Liam Hogan “Six Coins” in Curiosities #8 (fantasy, nautical SF, YA)

Gwen Katz “Seven Cups of Tea” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, SFF, fairy tale)

Sebastien Mantle “One Last Date at the Pitside” in Curiosities #8 (horror, humor)

Avra Margariti “The Acrobat’s Guide to Vanishing Without a Trace” in Curiosities #8 (fantasy)

Phil Margolies “The Prince in the Darkness” in Curiosities #8 (historical fantasy, dieselpunk)

Jason J. McCuiston “Euphonia” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, horror)

Tannar Miller “St. Marco” in Curiosities #8 (gasoline fantasy)

Lena Ng “The Finishing School” in Curiostities #8 (gaslamp, bizarro) **first publication by Rufo’s Dog in 2020

Konstantine Paradias “And The Faces Screamed In The Gallery” in Curiosities #8 (bizarro-adjacent, horror, superhero)

MM Schreier “Inked” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, gaslamp)

Priya Sridhar “The Taste of Storms” in Curiosities #7 (steampunk, SFF)

Shaun van Rensburg “The Night Bazaar” in Curiosities #7 (fantasy)


CB Droege “Jack Be Nimble” in Curiosites #8 (steampunk, superhero)

Adam Gaylord “The There-It-Is Store” in Curiosities #7 (gaslamp, YA)

Chris Kuriata “Whaling With Clowns” in Curiosities #8 (bizarro, horror)

Jordan Taylor “The Mirror Crack’d” in Curiosities #7 (gaslamp fantasy)

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