2019 Eligibility Post

Tonight is Lussinacht, so we must finish our business for the year before the trolls are let loose in the world. For 2019, we published 2 zines (Curiosities #5 horror & #6 WW2 ) and will have released 17 podcast episodes. For SFWA and HWA purposes, this is considered a semi-professional market.

2019 First English Publication (short story, semi-pro)

Beston Barnett: The Unusual Commission (horror, weird, historical) Curiosities #5

JD Blackrose: The Book Burning (fantasy, historical, WW2)  Curiosities #6
Audio https://galleryofcuriosities.podbean.com/e/the-book-burning-by-jd-blackrose/

Gary Buller: A Light in the Darkness (horror, weird) Curiosities #5
audio  https://galleryofcuriosities.podbean.com/e/a-light-in-the-darkness-by-gary-buller/

Andrea Martinez Corbin: The One in the Night-Storm Dress (dark fantasy) Curiosities #5
audio https://galleryofcuriosities.podbean.com/e/the-one-in-the-night-storm-dress-by-andrea-martinez-corbin/

Santiago Eximeno: Barbed Wire Fence (translated by Alicia L. Alonso) (horror, weird, WW1) Curiosities #5
audio https://galleryofcuriosities.podbean.com/e/72-barbed-wire-fence-by-santiago-eximeno/

Lewis Gershom: The Fields of Ice (fantasy, historical, WW2) Curiosities #6

Sean Patrick Hazlett: Serpent’s Wall (fantasy, horror, historical, WW2,)  Curiosities #6

Sheliah Lindsey: Fixable (horror, steampunk) Curiosities #5

Marcas McClellan: Mom’s Bombs (SFF, historical, WW2)  Curiosities #6

Mounia Lakehal Meribout: The Wish (fantasy, historical, WW2,)  Curiosities #6

George Edwards Murray: Lady With a Thousand Teeth (horror, weird, steampunk) Curiosities #5 audio https://galleryofcuriosities.podbean.com/e/73-lady-with-a-thousand-teeth-by-george-edwards-murray/

Mark Orr: Mourning Medusa (fantasy, historical, WW2)  Curiosities #6

Anya Ow: Garuda (fantasy, historical, WW2)  Curiosities #6

Irene Punti: The Cheshire’s Grin (SF, horror, post-apoc) Curiosities #5
audio https://galleryofcuriosities.podbean.com/e/70-the-cheshires-grin-by-irene-punti/

Alexander Stanmyer: Elmore Banks Was a Bad Man and His Gun Had a Name and Her Name was Celia (horror, weird west, cosmic horror) Curiosities #5

Madeleine Swann: All She Needs (horror, weird, historical) Curiosities #5
audio https://galleryofcuriosities.podbean.com/e/all-she-needs-by-madeleine-swann/

DJ Tyrer: The Castle at the Edge of the World (fantasy, historical, WW2)  Curiosities #6

Suzanne J. Willis: Year of the Teacup Dragon (fantasy, historical, WW2) Curiosities #6

Ron Wolfe: The Road of a Thousand Wonders (magical realism, historical, WW2)  Curiosities #6



2019 Reprints

Adrian Chamberlin: Warpigs (horror, historical, WW2)  Curiosities #6

Maria Haskins: Scent (dark fantasy) Curiosities #5

Samantha Lee: Take Five (horror, historical) Curiosities #5

Andrew J Lucas: Ocean’s Bounty (horror, historical, WW2, cosmic horror, nautical)  Curiosities #6

Dawn Vogel: Nochnaya Serenada (fantasy, historical, WW2)  Curiosities #6

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