82 – Approximations That Gradually Approach The Truth by David M. Hoenig


There’s something strange about the trains. Buy a ticket to Brisbane, and it takes you to Berlin instead. Or maybe even Boston. A young student from MIT sets out to decode the mystery. Wulf Moon narrates. Rated Weird Steampunk.


Author David M. Hoenig is an academic surgeon who lives to write, instead of writing to live. His wife believes that he rather than his stories belongs in a gallery of Curiosities.  He has published with Grim Dark Magazine, Flame Tree Publishing, Cast of Wonders, and others.  He has published a book of weird poetry and surreal art called Queen to His King with Oscillate Wildly.  His first novel (Sci fi space opera) is in the editing phase.

As a teen, narrator Wulf Moon won Scholastic Writing Awards–the same contest that discovered Stephen King, Truman Capote, Joyce Carol Oates and many iconic names of the 20th Century. He won Star Trek: Strange New Worlds; and recently won the international talent search Writers of the Future. Moon is podcast director at Future Science Fiction Digest.

Soundscapes by TabletopAudio.com and Freesound.org

Theme song by Deus Ex Vapore Machina


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