An unlucky man finds a very lamentable sketchbook. Alasdair Stuart narrates. Content note for disturbing material.


Author Tricia Owens writes in a variety of genres but is most thrilled to be diving into horror. Her work has appeared in Occult Detective Quarterly #2 and in White Noise & Ouija Boards. She is as prolific as she is lazy, with several dozen novels to her name and many twelve-hour naps beneath her belt. She makes her home in Las Vegas. You can learn more at

When Narrator Alasdair Stuart is not hosting PseudoPod and Escape Pod, or running Escape Artists Inc., he’s professionally enthusiastic about genre fiction on the Internet at places like, Barnes & Noble, The Guardian, Uncanny Magazine, SciFi Now and MyMBuzz. He’s an ENie-nominated tabletop RPG writer for his work on Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space. His other RPG writing includes Star Trek, The Laundry Files, Primeval, Victoriana, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, N.E.W. and Chill, meaning he’s got a playbook for any variety of invasion you can name.


Theme song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina
Deadly Roulette by Kevin MacLeod/
Rise Again by Alexander Nakarada/
The Dread by Kevin Macleod/
The March of the Faithful by Tabletop Audio/
Mourning Song by Kevin MacLeod/
Magic Forest by Kevin MacLeod/

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