A poem for May. Alex Ford narrates.


Author Gavin Bradley is an Irish writer from Belfast who works in happy obscurity in Edmonton, Alberta. His poetry has been selected for a ‘Hennessy New Irish Writing Award’ by The Irish Times, and his work can be found in Glass Buffalo, The Open Ear, and The Caterpillar literary magazines, as well as various fantastical anthologies, such as Frozen Fairy Tales, Ignis Fatuus, Tesseracts 21: Nevertheless, and the upcoming Fantastic Trains.

When narrator Alex Ford isn’t rocking around the nation in her band, Ford Theatre Reunion, she’s holed up in her guest room following a different passion: recording audio books and editing manuscripts. An avid reader and writer, she delights in helping people bring their creativity to life. You can check out her exploits, mystery bruises, and a most handsome cat on facebook or instagram.

Music: Marked, Now We Feast, by Alex Nakarada/

Public Safety Advisory: Cold iron hurts fairies. Hot iron hurts everyone.