75 – Whaling with Clowns by Chris Kuriata


Of all the creatures of the sea, none is more deadly than the clown. Isaiah Plovnick narrates.


Listener response to last year’s April 1st bizarro story was so positive that we’ve decided to make a tradition of it. This story first in appeared in the anthology Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix in 2016 from Unlikely Story.

Author Chris Kuriata’s stories about elderly poisoners, vengeful Aunties, and time-traveling kittens have appeared in many fine publications such as Gamut, OnSpec, and on-line at The Saturday Evening Post. He used to edit depressing documentaries about homicide victims, but now works cheerfully in a bakery making donuts.

Narrator Isaiah Plovnick is a Boston-based performing artist with a steampunk soul. Raised on a healthy diet of Lego and Great Illustrated Classics, the spirit of the retro-futurist was fostered in him at an early age. He received an education in Theatre from Salem State University, and has since been performing onstage or from behind a microphone all over the greater Boston area.

Theme Song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina

Roller Rink Bossa by Brett Van Donsel/brettvandonselmusic.com

Sitar Background Music by Catch22 Music/Pond5.com

Age of Sail, Open Water by Tabletop Audio/Tabletopaudio.com

Buccanneers Song, Pirate Theme  by ChristianA/Pond5.com

April is reading month. Please read the guidelines before sending manuscripts. 

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