2018 Eligibility Post

For the sake of record keeping, here is everything we have or will have published in print form by the end of the year. Thanks for another great year. Next year we will make a better effort to keep the audio and text publications of each story in the same year.

First English Publication (Short Story, 3c/word)

Gavin Bradley: The Stolen Child  (Fantasy) Curiosities #2

Marlin Bressi: Spirit in the Sky  (Alt-History, Humor) Curiosities #4 audio

Gary Buller: Pet Shop (Urban Fantasy, Horror) Curiosities #2 audio

Eric Cline: The Thousand Injuries (Horror) Curiosities #2  audio

Laura Duerr: The Analytical Engine of Hester Watts, Grand Mistress of the Unseen (SF, Fantasy, Steampunk)  Curiosities #2 audio

Yasmine Fahmy: Customer Service of the Priesthood of Thikra, Destroyer of Worlds and Creator of Light (Fantasy, Humor) Curiosities #3

Julie Frost: Doc Borden’s Hard-Luck Hoss (Fantasy, Western) Curiosities #3

Eddie Generous: Badlands Dentistry (Western, Horror) Curiosities #4

Brian K. Lowe: How to Murder a Corpse (Crime, Fantasy, Horror) Curiosities #4

William Burton McCormick: Kutsenko’s Cage (Crime, SF, Alt-History) Curiosities #3 audio

Dimitra Nikolaidou: Horns of Gold and Hands of Silver (Urban Fantasy, Alt-History) Curiosities #4

Julia K. Patt: Only Gutter Girls and Ruined Things (SF, Fantasy, Steampunk) Curiosities #2

Manuel Royal: This Particular Evening (SF, Time-Travel) Curiosities #4

Ann Stolinsky: Dem Bones (Fantasy) Curiosities #2  audio 

Susan Taitel: Seeded (SF) Curiosities #2 audio

DJ Tyrer: Doppelganger (Crime, Horror) Curiosities #4

Emma Whitehall: The Rat and the Frog (Fantasy, Mythos) Curiosities #3 audio



Donald J. Bingle: Gentlemanly Horrors of Mine Alone (Horror) Curiosities #3

Gelett Burgess: The Ghost-Extinguisher (horror, humor) Curiosities #2

Wilkie Collins: The Traveler’s Story of a Terribly Strange Bed (crime) Curiosities #3

Kelly A. Harmon: On The Path (Silkpunk) Curiosities #2 audio

Sebastien Mantle: Children of the Coil (Dieselpunk) Curiosities #4

Steven R. Southard: The Steam Elephant (Steampunk) Curiosities #3

Holly Schofield: East Wind in Carrall Street (Silkpunk) Curiosities #2

Holly Schofield: Two Steps Forward (Dieselpunk) Curiosities #4

M.A. Smith: The Pinch (Horror) Curiosities #4

Jordan Taylor: The Sultana of Story  (Fantasy) Curiosities #4

Marcelina Vizcarra: Waterproof (SF, western, time travel) Curiosities #4 audio

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