#70 – The Cheshire’s Grin by Irene Punti


Survivors of an apocalyptic war rebuild their world to a Roman Ideal, which includes being outnumbered by their genetically altered slaves. Wulf Moon narrates.

Content note for adult situations.


Author Irene Punti lives in Badalona (Catalonia) with her partner. Before that, she lived for a decade in Tarragona, the former capital of a Roman province and the city which inspired this story. Irene’s stories have appeared in Gaslandia: a Dieselpunk Anthology and the NonBinary Review, among others.

Narrator Wulf Moon feasted on fantasy as a child when he lived with his Chippewa grandmother. He begged stories from her every night—fireside tales that fired his imagination. If Moon had a time machine, those are the days he would go back to. Since he doesn’t have a time machine, he tells stories. Learn more at driftweave.com.


Theme song: Ashes Ashes by DEVM
Funeral March of a Marionette by Eastern Wind Symphony/Musopen
Mourning Song by Kevin Macleod/Free Music Archive
Nothing (Bonus Track) by Kai Engel/Free Music Archive
Wastelands by Sergey Cheremisinov/Free Music Archive
Ice Chimes by Lee Rosevere/Free Music Archive
Pacific Garbage Patch by Kai Engle/Free Music Archive
Funeral March for Brass by Kevin MacLeod/Free Music Archive
Long Note Three by Kevin MacLeod/Incomptech.com
Danse Macabre-No Violin by Kevin MacLeod/incompetech.com
Gustav Holst: Thaxed by Kevin MacLeod/Free Music Archive
Morbid Imagination by Kai Engel/Free Music Archive
Carnival of the Animals – XII. Fossils by Seattle Youth Symphony/Musopen

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