Curiosities #2


The Spring issue of Curiosities is out now in all formats. Visit our Store page for links. Cover art by concept artist and illustrator Justin Tiang, and since it seemed a shame that it did not  all fit onto the cover, we thought we should post the original image here.

The stories selections for this round are lighter topics (well, lighter by Gallery standards – ed.)  that felt right for the season. The Summer issue is shaping up to be a collection of steampunk travel and adventure stories. We will be holding the darker horror stories for the Winter issue in December.

Spring 2018 Table of Contents:

On the Path by Kelly A. Harmon (reprint)
The Analytical Engine of Hester Watts, Grand Mistress of the Unseen by Laura Duerr
The Thousand Injuries by Eric Cline – We can tell you it is a tribute, but to tell you more would spoil it.
Only Gutter Girls and Ruined Things by Julia K. Patt
East Wind in Carrall Street by Holly Schofield (reprint)
Dem Bones by Ann Stolinsky
The Stolen Child by Gavin Bradley – Faerie fans, you’ll like this one.
Pet Shop by Gary Buller
Seeded by Susan Taitel
Vintage Work: The Ghost-Extinguisher by Gelett Burgess (1905), with original illustrations by Charles Tobin
Non-Fiction: Author Interview with Kelly A. Harmon

Every sale helps keep the Gallery open. Thank you for your continued support.

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