2017 Eligibility List

For the sake of record keeping, here is the fiction we aired or published this year.

This is not a qualifying Hugo market for professional short fiction. We were quite bemused at how our name got onto someone’s nomination recommendation list last year.


The following short stories were bought at 1.5 cents per word:

A Man Named Time by Fredrick Obermeyer (audio Ep. 51)

Against Mint Justice by Daniel Ausema (audio Ep. 47)

Invisible Men by Edward McDermott (audio Ep. 48)

P∃t Shop by Gary Buller (audio Ep. 36)

River and Sea by Nathan Susnik (audio Ep. 35)

Safe As Houses by Laura E. Price (audio Ep. 42)

The Automat’s Automaton by Angela Enos (audio Ep. 42)

The Swineherd by Diego Reymondez (audio Ep. 39)

Where Justice Ends, Vengeance Begins by David Boop (audio Ep. 43)

Wreck on the Highway by Jake Walters (audio Ep. 35)

The following short stories were bought at 3 cents per word. 

All Through The House by Joachim Heindermans (audio Ep. 49, print #1)

Bright And Falling, Like An Avenging Angel by Shane Halbach (print #1)

Honeyed Tongue  by Deborah L. Davitt (print #1)

Patron Of The Arts by Tricia Owens (print #1)

The Mark V Eleganté by Nelson Stanley (print #1)

There Was A Nicholas Once by Alexis Lantgen (audio Ep. 48, print #1)


Reprints were bought at 1 cent per word

A Red One Cannot See by Barbara A. Barnett (audio Ep. 39)

After Nightfall by David A. Riley (print #1)

Approximations That Gradually Approach The Truth by David M. Hoenig (print #1)

Common Magick by Jordan Taylor (audio Ep 45)

Hypatia And Her Sisters by Amy Griswold (audio Ep. 37)

Mechanical by Liam Hogan (audio Ep. 40)

The Reanimation Emporium by Brian Rappatta (audio Ep. 44)

The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue by Dawn Vogel (audio Ep. 38)

The Seven O’Clock Man by Kate Heartfield (print #1)

Urban Drift by Andrew Knighton (audio Ep. 41)


For 2017 we were open for submissions for 61 days. 434 stories were read and 18 were accepted. We paid 3 cents a word for original works and 1 cent a word for reprints.

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