Curiosities #1


Curiosities #1 is on sale now in ebook formats. For the price of a 1977 movie ticket you’ll get 9 tales of steam and dread selected for the winter season, including a Lovecraftian horror, full contact mecha walker death racing, strange trains, weird women entertaining gentlemen clients under the grant of the Crown, an unspeakable art project, bolsheviks, zombies, and even the jolly old elf himself. All proceeds go towards keeping the Gallery of Curiosities podcast funded so it will always be free for you to download through your favorite podcatcher.

This is the first in what we hope will be an ongoing companion reading for the show. We have an outline to go to print thrice yearly, so we are sorting the stories we buy into winter/spring/summer to go with the season in which the issue will arrive.

Print? Still crunching the numbers on that, whether to go with a print run or use Amazon’s POD service. Shipping by hand would (I believe) make the copy prohibitively expensive.  I should have an announcement on that next week (and ISP. I’m still working without ISP).

This will be the main fundraising project to keep the show funded. Be splendid and buy through our web page, and more of your hard earned cash will go towards keeping our authors and narrators happy.

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