We’re ushering in the holiday season with– LIBRARIANS! Benjamin Sperduto narrates.

Author Edward McDermott, born in Toronto, has a professional day job but spends his spare time pursuing a writing career. Aside from taking writing courses and participating in writers’ groups, Edward takes time for sailing, fencing, and working as a movie extra.

His web page is http://edwardmcdermott.net/

Narrator Benjamin Sperduto is a history teacher in Tampa, Florida. His short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies, including Coven (Purple Sun Press), Bad Neighborhood (Spooky Words Press), and Dystopian Express (Hydra Publications). His first novel, The Walls of Dalgorod, is available from Curiosity Quills Press. For a full list of publications and fiction updates, visit www.benjaminsperduto.com or follow him on Twitter (@bensperduto).

Music: Investigations, Mysterioso March by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Osgoode’s Chorus: Nouvelle Noel by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Theme Song: Ashes Ashes by DEVM

Osgoode Underby – Kris Law

Andrew – Himself