Thanks for an Amazing Reboot Year!

It was about a year ago I was sitting in this chair listening to the Christmas Broadcast, thinking… this is the last show in this format. I’m going to rebrand this thing and get more serious about it… 

With that thought, and a firm belief in find a niche and fill it, we (Jed, Andrew, & Kevin) set out on an editorial adventure into unknown territory.  And we could not have done it without everyone else that came along.

Thanks to our generous Patreon supporters, we will be moving the show host from the incredibly cheap Amazon S3 server to the reasonably priced Podbean Unlimited service, because I am a data junkie and I want listening stats. Hopefully this will not cause any download disruptions. The full episode run as of this writing weighs in just over 1.3 GB.

Folks are asking when the next reading season will open. Best guess is Spring, but here’s what has to happen first:

17 stories of the 44 we bought still need to be recorded. Most are assigned, the handful that are still pending need female voices. Specifically, we’re looking for a Creole, an English, and an Irish; the others are open.

We need to have a Kickstarter to fund the next season. The budget has been worked out, the only variable being author pay rate for previously unpublished work, which will be determined by how much we manage to raise. Reprint rate will still be penny per word. If we do well on fundraising, an honorarium payment for the narrators is also a possibility. $6500 USD would fully fund 2017 at 6 cents per word and a narrator honorarium. That might too much of a stretch for a young and relatively unknown show like us, but one never knows what is possible until it happens.

We need to write a new contract for next year. It wasn’t a bad contract, but we didn’t entirely know where we were going at the time.  We will be asking for nonexclusive electronic print rights in addition to audio rights next season so we can offer an ebook as a fundraising reward.

What about the audiobook? Right, that was part of this years contract. I’ve been researching what it takes to get a recording accepted by Audible, and unfortunately not all the finished recordings are up to their standards. I’m currently trying to meet the ACX standard while processing the recordings. Still, I’ve heard Audible makes you take down any free downloads you might have of the work, so I don’t think I will be pursuing this any more. I will be trying to get something (else) uploaded to Audible this coming year just to know that I can do it.

So that’s where we are right now. It’s New Years Eve, and I have a six pack of Breckenridge Christmas Ale and a fifth of Colorado whiskey beside me. And it’s snowing again. See you on the other side.

The Mesa, New Mexico

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