Ep. 34 – An Evening at the Club, Told by Dr. Horatio Boyle by Kate Philbrick & If You Were a Dinah Shore, My Love by Lou Antonelli


It’s that week between Christmas and New Years, my favorite time of year. Time to tidy up lose ends, get a little silly, spend time with your social life, and head to the club to indulge.

Author Kate Philbrick writes horror historicals and creepy fantasies to amuse herself and friends. Scribblings of the strange variety have appeared in random anthologies over the years, and she is presently on the staff of Weird NJ Magazine. She had the pleasure of editing Richard O’Brien’s (yet to be published) autobiography, though writing fiction is what she most enjoys. Current projects include the Steampunk series Ashlands, and the Mudlark, a Victorian tale of horror, sequel to Unburied Dead. Poorly disguised as a normal person, Ms Philbrick is employed as curator in a local historical museum.

Narrator John Longenbaugh is a Seattle-based writer and playwright, and the creator of the Steampunk adventure serial BRASS, which is available as an audio drama, a series of stage plays and a short film. For more on John go to johnlongenbaugh.com, and for more on BRASS go to Battlegroundproductions.org.

Music: Dance of the Turtle by Kevin MacLeod

Author Lou Antonelli has had 101 short stories and three collections published since 2003. He was a finalist in 2013 for the Sidewise Award in Alternate History for “Great White Ship” (Daily Science Fiction – May 2012). He was a two-time Hugo nominee (Short Story and Best Related Work) in 2015.

Narrator Byron is a disembodied voice currently residing in a genuine reproduction Ming Dynasty urn, which is on display in the Gallery anteroom.

Music: Lobby Time by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


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