The 2016 Christmas Broadcast from New Babbage


Once a year we go back to where we got our start for the traditional Christmas broadcast from a city that doesn’t exist except as smudges on disks in an unknown server farm.

Yeah, there was a script. It was going to be more produced. The girls were going to sing the song.  But 2016 being what it was, maybe simplicity was the better approach.


The Naughty Child, by Beryl Strifeclaw and Tepic Harlequin

Read by Tepic Harlequin

Music: Kevin MacLeod (

Boiler Elf Don’t Stare At Me written and performed by MacKnight Culdesac. Visit his store in Port Babbage for music boxes and more.

The Christmas Gremlin written and read by Loki Eliot. Visit the Krakenwell factory in Babbage Square and see the amazing spinning mules!

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Music box pieces arranged and performed by Canolli Capalini. Her store is no longer in world but the music boxes are still available on SL Marketplace.

All hail the hum.

download link

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