What Did We Buy? (Pt. 2 )

Last time we looked at the demographics of what we bought. Now let’s look at what the stories were about. This might be of particular interest to writers who are trying to break our algorithm.  Of the 44 we bought, here’s how it broke down:

It’s easiest to break it down by era.


Contemporary – 8
Our lowest priority on the list of things we wanted, so these really had to stand out.

1 – Bizarro. Would you believe a Cape&Cowl in the Louvre?

2 – Horror

1 – Magical Realism

1 – Urban Fantasy. Kevin has a soft spot for nasty little men. Some of you knew that.

2 – “Vintage Interest” means something about  thrift stores, antiques, old stuff, etc. Because we all love thrifting.

1 – Zombie Apocalypse. We got a lot of good ones, but only one was going to make it.


Early to Mid 20th Century – 4
We were hoping for more of these than we got. Hmm.

2 – North American (1 Diesel, 1 Atomic era)

1 – Alt History (Edison era)

1 – Magical Realism (Diesel era)


19th Century – 28
Our target era for the steampunk crowd.

1 – Canadian Maritimes

2 – Frankenstein tributes. This year was the 200th anniversary of the first telling.

10 – England. Is London dead? Maybe not quite yet. (1 Time Travel)

1 – Madagascar. Never say we never bought a furry story.

3 – Nonspecific Western Euro/American. Couldn’t quite place these.

1 – Russia (Military)

1 – USA Civil War (Time Travel)

3 – USA East/Urban

2 – USA South/Rural

1 – USA Midwest/West

3 – Weird West


Fantasy – 4
Our secret favorites. These were the ones that stayed on the mind.

1 – Grimdark

2 – Fantastic Cities (We LOVE these!)

1 – Post Future


Next time I’ll go into a breakdown of why we rejected things and the patterns we saw. Looking forward to next year’s reading season already!

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