Today the slush pit crew is officially closing out the 2016 spreadsheet. We received 763 submissions, and we did keep some data tallies which will be shared here. Our favorite statistic was… who would be the most popular historical/fictional character to appear?

We predicted it was going to be Jack the Ripper, based on how often he has appeared  in our steampunk book club selections. Were we right?

Yes, we were!

Satan was the early front runner, but Jack first appeared in March and caught up over the summer and pulled ahead. With the final story submission of the season, Satan made one more appearance and made it a tie for first.

In second place was Sherlock Holmes. Most the Holmes stories came within a couple weeks of each other so we revised the submission page to say we did not want Sherlockians. Someday we may put out a special call for one, but it’s going to be a special call, as Sherlockian fiction is an entity unto itself and we’d rather not get buried by it.

Third place was a colorful tie between Dr. Frankenstein’s Creature, The Yellow King, and The Black Death, which we chose to treat as a character.

There were 50 famous people that made list. And we’ll continue keeping that tally when the reading season opens next year.

The strangest thing we learned?

Historical slash. It’s a thing.