Ep. 25 Dad’s Balloon by Andrew McCurdy


Summer is here, so let’s go up the country, all the way to to Nova Scotia for our story tonight, written and read by our own Andrew McCurdy.

Andrew McCurdy has been reading and writing science fiction ever since he saw Charleton Heston kneeling in the surf, cursing the half-buried Statue of Liberty. He recently relocated from teaching college in a large city to rural Nova Scotia where he hopes to start writing in earnest.

Morning Mist by Brett van Donsel
Fiddles McGinty and Heavy Heart by Kevin MacLeod
Theme song: Ashes Ashes by DEVM
Osgoode’s chorus: Walking Along by Kevin MacLeod
Sound Effects and Spaceship Ambience: Freesound.org

Released under a Creative Commons 4.0 International attribution noncommercial no-derivatives license. Share often, but don’t sell it, change it, or make a transcript.

Stoking the Charcoal: Kevin Frost

Blowing Hot Air: Kris Law

Ready to drop the sandbags: Andrew, Jed

outro: HeyNonney

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