Tonight, a watchmaker in New York City recalls his boyhood job at the famed American Museum, and the terrible day Mr. Barnum acquired a demon for the menagerie. This story was originally published in Strange Tales V.

About the author: Elise Forier Edie is a playwright and author based in Los Angeles. Her most recent play, “The Pink Unicorn,” has been performed all over the US and Canada.  Her short fiction has appeared in Metaphorosis Magazine and The Enchanted Conversation. You can find out more about her at her website: EliseForierEdie.com.

Our narrator is Keith Edie, an actor and screenwriter in Los Angeles. He has appeared on small and big screens everywhere, usually as a likable geek, but also as a doting dad, an international spy and (most recently) as someone’s nightmare boyfriend on Lifetime television’s “My Crazy Ex.” You can find out more about him at his website: KeithEdie.com.

Theme music: Ashes Ashes by DeVM

Osgoode’s Chorus: Walking Along  by Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com

Additional music by Kevin MacLeod

Released under a Creative Commons 4.0 attribution noncommercial no-derivatives license.

Provider of fishheads: Kris Law

Keeper of the hippos: Kevin Frost

Sidewalk shills: Andrew, Jed, Scythian

Outro: Molly

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