Episode 19: Love is a Curious Thing


Happy Valentines Day.

If you are feeling about this day as some of us do, perhaps these stories will be a welcome break from the usual barrage of hearts and flowers.

First up in Love is a Masterpiece by Chris Kelworth. Mr. Kelworth lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He has been writing science fiction and fantasy stories with increasing diligence for the past twenty-five years, and is a graduate of the Odyssey, Taos Toolbox, and Young Gunns workshops. He works in Burlington as a computer software developer under an assumed name. You can find his Author blog at  http://chriskelworth.com/blog/. Our reader is Garnet Psaltery.

Next is This Peculiar Way of Hers by Joel Arnold.  Mr.  Arnold is the author of the novel Northwoods Deep, as well as dozens of short stories. He lives in Minnesota in a house with a front porch. Nothing, however – at least as far as he knows – lives beneath it. Our reader is Travis I. Sivart, host of the Talk of the Tavern podcast.

Music in this episode is  “Ashes Ashes” by Deus ex Vapore Machina.

Walking Along, To The Ends, There is Romance, Danse Morialta, Enchanted Journey, & Frozen Star by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“Meadow Ambience” by eric5335 (Freesound.org).

Editors for this episode were Andrew McCurdy, Kevin Frost, and Kris Law.

Outro reader: Lady Moldylocks.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 19: Love is a Curious Thing

Add yours

  1. That was a really enjoyable production. Both stories were excellent and, not being a fan of horror, I never thought that I would say this but the second story was absolutely perfect in every detail!


  2. Wonderful podcast! The music and intros / outros are gorgeous. Nicely done!

    I came here primarily to sing the praises of Mr. Kelworth. “Love is a Masterpiece” was such a sweet Valentine. Although I will never deny the charms of any love that will not die…”This Peculiar Way of Hers” was an excellent choice to add some grit to round out the show.


  3. “Love is a Masterpiece” is a wonderful story, funny and upbeat with unexpected turns and several deft touches of darkness. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Garnet Psaltery’s narration is just perfect!


  4. What’s really fun about “Love is a Masterpiece” is that some folks will find it sweet and charming, others will be horrified by it. When I read it for the first time, my brain was screaming “THIS IS HORRIBLE!” the deeper I got into it. Then sent off a letter to Mr Kelwick asking if he really wanted to give me first-rights on it, and he was so excited that he was going to make his first sale ever!


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