The Five Word Pitch

The slush readers down in the basement have been playing a game called ‘Five Word Pitch’ which they use to note story content on the master chart. Contrary to popular belief, they really are reading your stories, not throwing darts at the chart to work it out. Here’s some of the ones that made Mr. Osgoode grin:

Robot exhibition exposes lesbian lovers.

Leave the mermaid on rock.

Dr. Who does Groundhog Day.

Galactic cougars swap boy toys.

Hungry hipsters go ultra paleo.

Mile High Club engages Devil.

Do you remember interactive webcams?

Space Cthulhu needs dead babies.

The fairies killed my parents.

Angry Birds in gothic frenzy.

Your wife needs a vacation.

Civilized lemurs cannot return home.

Can you do a five word pitch on your story? It does help break the emotional attachment so one can do what needs to be done.

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