Voices needed

The stories are coming in, and how! We need readers to voice them! We'll keep a list of what sort of voices we are looking for for upcoming projects on the Voice Call page. Here's what we are looking for right now: Male, American or Canadian Female, UK English Male, New York City Male, American... Continue Reading →

The Grinder

The (Submission) Grinder, if you have never heard of it, is an extremely nifty tool for the freelance writer looking for markets for their stories, and keep track of where you have sent them. It is also a handy way for a start up nobody like us get the word out that we're looking for... Continue Reading →

To New Beginnings

I like to be told a story. I like to drive very long distances. Put that together and I like story style podcasts. I also like steampunk. But when I looked around, there did not seem to be a steampunk oriented story podcast that featured the work of various authors as exist for other genres.... Continue Reading →

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